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Alevere Therapy?

Alevere is a weight loss treatment which was developed by doctors and scientists to ensure that losing weight was the most effective it could be. Each person is different and this was developed so it could be tailored for each individuals needs. You should get a unique weight loss program during your consultation which looks at medical history and your current weight and diet.

This is a non surgical treatment, which relies on calculating each individual's metabolic rate.

How Does Alevere Therapy Work?

You will get a tailored nutrition plan which gives your all the nutrients you need and should help you lose weight fast! The diet is fairly unrestricted and you are allowed non diet meals throughout the programme. This should ensure you won't feel hungry or lack any energy. Your plan will help stabilise your blood sugar and reduce the feelings of any cravings.

Is Alevere meal restrictive?

During Alevere therapy you will no doubt be eating more meals than most people do! there are many benefits to a controlled 5 meals a day.This is because these smaller meals allow your blood sugar to be mainted and those intense feelings of cravings simply won't crop up in your thoughts. This protein based diet is very filling and nutrient rich, this will help make sure you feel as healthy during your weight loss. There are many options when cooking and a variety of recipes that people have shared online. Just make sure with your consultant that they are suitable for your tailed diet.

More about Alevere Therapy

Typically, patients aim to lose 3-4 stone over the 12 week treatment programme. To increase the effectiveness of Alevere weight loss and ensure that someone isn’t left with loose skin or saggy areas, medical ultrasound treatments are used It is completely painless and it helps to warm up and melt the fatty deposits underneath skin that just don’t ever really change during a diet, this is usually fixed by working out as well as dieting. These common problem areas tend to have trouble as they are parts of the body where blood flow has a difficult job circulating, and the fat can commonly be calcified to a point where it needs ultrasound waves to warm and loosen up. And when the fat is encouraged to a point where it freely leaves, the breakdown is accelerated and fat is used up as energy thanks to the controlled diet a patient is on.

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