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General Health Tips / Health Articles - 10 months ago

Funniest Workout Trends Ever!

Working out should be fun right? That feeling of achievement and success when you’ve finished a hard class or a long run, that’s fun! But looking back sometimes working out isn’t just fun – it’s funny! So let’s take some hilarious, weird, and downr...

General Health Tips / Health Articles - 1 year ago

Posture Pointers

“Sit up straight” is most likely a command you remember hearing throughout your childhood. Whether it was your mom, dad, grandmother, or any adult within 100 yards, it may have been slightly annoying to be reminded throughout the day to change your...

General Health Tips / Health Articles - 1 year ago

A Father’s Day Wish Come True

Von Hollingsworth and his daughter, Anna, are helping others improve their lives – together After 30 years as a manager in the electronics field, Von Hollingsworth had become “restless” and he was eager to do something more meaningful the remainder...